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the true gay icons

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  • me: wakes up
  • me: opens computer before eyelids

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theycallmetabs said: what inspired you to join the air force? did you imagine falling for a military guy? last thing that made you cry? do you like where you're stationed or would you rather be somewhere else? have you ever worn extensions? favorite place to shop?

The crazy truth is that I joined after my grandma told me she had a dream about me being in the Air Force and finally being happy. My grandma is very spiritual and says some of her dreams are messages from God. I was actually pretty depressed at the time, because of how I just let myself go. Lost my scholarship in college, due to not even going to class. I made all F’s one semester. It was like I really didn’t give a fuck anymore. I also Gained like 20 lbs, due to this I really just hid in my room all day. I felt stuck. It was horrible. The day my grandma told me about her dream, I just laughed. I was like “me?! I can’t do that!” I had no confidence in my ability. But then I started researching YouTube videos about the air force and then I felt something click. I went to the recruiter that next day. Almost every single person doubted me. I honestly just laugh about everyone back home that didn’t believe I’d make it past one day….. It’s funny though they were saying all this while they’re flipping burgers at Krystal’s….. Anyways, I am so extremely lucky to be where I am now. I couldn’t be happier.

I actually never thought I’d be with someone in the military .It’s weird, I never pictured myself falling in that “tech school love” category. But it happened. He’s my best friend, god honestly blessed me with such an amazing guy. we actually celebrate our 1 year next week! Funny thing you ask about where I’m stationed… I actually had orders to Italy for my first base….I switched them to live 2.5 hours away from my boyfriend. (In Florida)…. After only knowing him 2 months. Fucking stupid right? Not to me though, I just knew this guy would one day be my husband.

And girl, I forgot the others… But hell yes I had a weave in tech school. It was my favorite thing in the world, but Tyler complained his hand always getting stuck in it….. *shrug*


White girls trying to read captchas like

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